Friday, 26 June 2009

Pain is temporary, failure is permanent

I pulled on a T-shirt to train in the other day with a slogan that sums it all up.

It was one handed out for competing in the Lincoln Triathlon back in April.

Emblazoned across the chest are the following words.

Pain is temporary. Failure is permanent.

And as my legs buckled underneath me on yet another run, on yet another day of training, it simply acted as a spur.

There is no room for failure. And as the London Triathlon edges ever nearer (five weeks from now), the enormity of the task in hand becomes clearer and clearer.

It is a lot different from training back in January and February. The sun is out for one.
And while it is pleasant, the heat is making the step up in training even harder. But it could be 30c on August 2, so I have to be ready.

But as I wilt with the sweat pouring, I have those words etched into the back of my eyes.
Failure is permanent. Failure is permanent.

And as if I did not need any extra pressure piled on me, it arrived the other day in the form of a man I have never met.

Notts County kindly put a small piece on their website earlier this week, telling of my bid.
As I used to cover the club for the paper, their press officer gave it a plug.

What I did not expect was for one Magpies fan to support my bid and When You Wish Upon A Star by donating £100.

The name - David Wilkinson.

A generous, kind, welcoming act for which I am so grateful.

But when such sponsorship comes in, as it has been of late in various forms, you know there is no room to mess it up.

I must complete the 1.5k swim, 40k bike ride and 10k run. The pain will fade, letting people down would never go away.

So that slogan from Lincoln will stay with me now right to the finish.

I do not want to be remembered as a failure forever.

To follow Stevie's progress on Twitter, click here or for the full story behind Stevie taking up the London Triathlon challenge, click here

Visit to sponsor Stevie.

American-based sports giant Under Armour have backed Stevie in his quest to complete the London Triathlon and raise cash for When You Wish Upon A Star by agreeing to become his official sponsor.They have provided him with a whole range of their latest hi-tech training gear to help in all weathers, and a new tri-suit for the race itself. For more information visit

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