Thursday, 18 June 2009

Great triathlon training advice in the Nick of time

After almost six months slogging away with my training, I needed a little inspiration to get me down that final straight.

And this week it arrived, in the shape of an e-mail that popped up on my screen while at work.
The sender. Nick Dunn (top right).

Immediately, the name rang a bell.

He is the West Bridgford triathlete who finished an astonishing second in last year’s London Triathlon. The winner of the 2008 Nottingham Triathlon.

The man who stormed to victory in the Mansfield Sprint Triathlon back in April - my first ever one in which I finished nearer 200th than first!

I knew his name as I wrote an article about him a couple of years ago and by chance, he stumbled across the story of my bid and called in with some advice months ago.

Turns out he was sifting through his e-mails, spotted my name and dropped me a line to ask how I was getting along.

At the bottom, the line of if you need any advice, just...

Before I could finish reading, I had fired one back. I’ll take up that offer. After all, this is a leading triathlete, a man with a successful personal training business in the city. I would be silly not to ask for a few pointers.

And by the time the day was out, there it was. A detailed e-mail back instructing me how to fine tune, get fitter and build myself up in the last few weeks to be in optimum shape for the rigours of the London Triathlon - 1.5k swim, 40k bike ride and 10k run.

Boy, do I have my work cut out. I have a feeling I will not have much spare time on my hands.

A mixture of long distance, intense and mixed sessions stand before me and Sunday August 2 when I take to the waters of London’s Victoria Docks.

But, unlike before, this variety has given me that spring back in my step and a thirst for more training.

Just six weeks. Six tough weeks.

But thanks to the tips and advice of Nick Dunn, I feel I might just get over that finish line.

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