Monday, 10 August 2009

Mission accomplished at London Triathlon

Mission accomplished.

After seven months constant training, the London Triathlon is no more.

And in the past week, I have had a week of doing nothing except over indulge in alcohol and rubbish food.

But, I have to say, all that hard toil was well worth it.

After a week recuperating and a few days away, the body is no longer stiff and I can look back on the events of just over a week ago with fond memories.

More than 20 family members and friends headed down for the weekend and thankfully, it all went to plan.

While my time of two hours, 52 minutes and two seconds was never going to make the impressive F1 driver Jenson Button worry (he did 2 hour 7 mins), it did see me break the three-hour barrier which was my personal goal having started the year with my fitness levels at virtually zero.

A successful 1.5k swim (I got out without drowning) was followed by the 40k bike ride that I completed in one hour 18 minutes.

In the end, I used the sturdy town and trail bike and did not risk my mate’s road bike, on which I suffered a puncture at the Macclesfield Triathlon back in May.

Had I chosen that, I am certain I could have shaved a lot more off my time but seeing numerous competitors out of the 13,000-strong field over the weekend struggling to mend punctures, I was glad I stuck to my bike.

But if the first two disciplines proved somewhat enjoyable after months training to get fit, the run was pretty hellish.

For the first 5k lap, I was suffering from a stitch and struggled and by the second 5k lap, my legs were buckling.

But with thousands making their way around the dockside at the ExCel Arena and crowds cheering everyone on, it gave you the motivation to keep going.

And the elation when crossing the finishing line was a feeling I will not forget in a hurry.

Not just for completing the race but knowing all those early morning sessions, those in the winter, spring and summer, were all worth it.

And in doing so and with the help of a few people I have helped raise more than £1,500 for Nottingham-based charity When You Wish Upon A Star.

With it all over, there’s an empty void to be filled at the moment.

But I cannot shake off the fitness bug. After a week off resting, I am itching to get going tonight.

The only question that remains is swim, bike or run? Maybe I’ll just do all three.

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