Monday, 1 June 2009

Bubble bursts in Macc Land

Forget Rookie of the Year, more like Chump of the Year following a disaster at the Macclesfield Triathlon.

High hopes of completing the 400m swim, 25k bike ride and 7.2k run were quite literally blown apart.

After borrowing a proper road bike, I was flying at the start of the bike course, making my way through the scenic back roads of Macclesfield. I felt in great condition.

Overtaking a few of my fellow competitors, confidence was growing. This road bike makes a real difference.

It was only just after half 8 in the morning, I had been up since 5.15am and made the 75-minute drive over the Cat and Fiddle to get there. The swim had gone well, it all seemed so worth it.

That was until I turned onto the A34 and within seconds, I struck a hole in the road and my back tyre blew apart.

I could see it coming, I just could not avoid it without risking pulling out in front of an overtaking car.

As the thin tyre popped, the bike shook violently from side to side as I came to a shuddering halt on the grass verge.

A few expletives sprang to mind, especially as it dawned on me that with this new bike, I had no spare inner tube. No back up plan. No mobile phone. No chance.

A few competitors came past and the friendly nature overtook that competitive edge as they asked if I was okay, fearing I had an accident.

I waved them on with a smile before realising I had a good five or six mile trek back to the transition zone at the local leisure centre.

It was like a run of shame, pushing the bike along where I had just come from while wave after wave of triathletes went about their work, many offering their commiserations as they flew past.

But to end with a DNF against my name was a miserable experience, especially given the effort put in to training.

Maybe I should have put a little more effort into the planning in case such a blow out happened!

Lessons learned and one more to help me make a successful trip around the London circuit come August.

I just wish now that early morning alarm clock had never gone off.

A lie in would have been much more rewarding that a wasted trip to Macclesfield.

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