Friday, 31 July 2009

Why I'll tackle London battered and bruised

Of all the advice I have sought from athletes or on the internet, nowhere did it state falling off your bike as great preparation for the London Triathlon.
After seven months of fairly incident free training in the pool, on the bike and out running, I was in the final straight.
A few days to go, eating and drinking correctly, and some light workouts in all three disciplines as I bid to be in tip-top shape for London.
I was feeling great. Then, on Thursday night, bang.
Well, more a crash, bang, wallop followed by screams of expletives and me upside down on the pavement.
At full pelt, less than a mile from home, I somehow struck the kerb and proceeded to grate my body across the pavement and into somebody’s garden wall.
What a time to crash off my bike.
Blood gushing from both knees, elbow and hand, my first thought was that was lucky.
After all, coming off at speed could have led to a whole host of unthinkable possibilities on a busy road.
But while escaping with cuts and bruises at first felt made me thankful, with the Triathlon three days away, the clean up operation did not.
The bike, given a good going over, was still in one piece but the same could not be said of the skin around my joints.
At present, Savlon is my new best friend and dressing the wounds are becoming a regular occurrence during the day.
I am sore. Very sore. And there is not enough time for the wounds to heel.
Thankfully I am still in one piece (kind of) to line up in London at 1.10pm this Sunday.
But instead of tapering down properly, feeling as fresh as a daisy, I will start the race battered and bruised, hurting before I even begin.
I am sure throughout my knees will give me a timely reminder of why I should have avoided that kerb on Thursday night.
So, I am down but not out and while hardly the best preparation for my first full triathlon, I just hope it proves the last hurdle I have to overcome to complete this challenge.

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