Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wetsuit test passed - in the bath

NEVER did I envisage there would be a time in my life that would involve the bath, a wetsuit, baby oil and a stopwatch.

But that day arrived this week.

With the London Triathlon just days away, the training is done. It is a case of tapering down and steadying myself ready for the big day.

But it is the technicalities that need to be worked on.

Having never wore a wetsuit before, it is not just a case of trying it on - but making sure I can get it off. And quickly.

For when I step out the Victoria Docks following a 1,500m swim this Sunday afternoon, I will need to remove this second skin in double-quick time at the edge of the water before progressing to transition.

And with a 40k bike ride and 10k run to follow, the last thing I need to be doing is wasting precious time and energy flapping around trying to remove this skin-tight device.

On the recommendation of some elite triathletes, to give myself peace of mind I zipped myself up into the suit (not easy either) and I soaked myself through in a bath full of cold water.

Ridiculous, I know. But it got worse as from the second I stepped out to the moment it was removed, I had the missus on hand with the stopwatch.

Firstly, I panicked as I failed to quickly get my arms out and that lost valuable time but it was all done in 30 seconds.

I was pleased with that, I envisaged from the warning calls it would take longer.

The baby oil smothered on my arms and legs beforehand no doubt helped and at the second attempt, it was down to 22 seconds.

Job done, two attempts was enough. Despite only the wife as an audience, it was a ridiculous scene being played out in the bathroom of our house.

So I hooked up the wetsuit to dry out ready for London and the next time I will be peeling my way out of it will be this Sunday.

It will be slightly different to getting out of the bath but with hundreds, possible thousands lining the Docks. I don’t want to be the one flapping around on the edge unable to free myself.

Despite probably being fatigued and the adrenaline pumping, I must remember to keep my wits about me.

Oh, and the baby oil.

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