Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Holiday sun wipes out all will power

Like a true dedicated athlete, I set off for the sun of Egypt last week with all my gym gear packed in my case.

After 11 weeks training for the London Triathlon, I was ready for a week lying on a sunbed, chilling out.

But I also knew I needed to keep myself ticking over and with a gym in the hotel, I was ready to do just that.

I remember Rebecca Adlington’s mum speaking about about how, on family holidays, her daughter would still be up every morning at 6am. No matter what the shape of the resort pool, she would do as many lengths as possible, finding a way around pools hardly designed for training.

Total dedication. Hence two gold medals at the Beijing Olympics a few years later.

As I dropped down on my sunbed on the first day in the heat of Sharm El Sheikh, I still had every intention of hitting the gym.

But, with my all inclusive band firmly wrapped round my wrist, the will power drained away. In double quick time.

A midday beer started the ball rolling and before long I had resigned myself to giving the gym a miss.

After all, I was on holiday. Why on earth would I want to be pounding the treadmill or on the bike?

I could always go tomorrow. But tomorrow came, the same happened and I soon convinced myself that a week off was just what the body needed.

Now I am ready for another two or three months of intense training. And I need it to shed some of that booze and food from the holiday.

Problem is, I have signed up for this Sunday’s sprint triathlon in Mansfield. My first.
Adlington’s complete dedication was the reason behind her gold.

As for me, I have a week to blow off the cobwebs to make sure I simply get round the course.
Come the starting point on Sunday, my lack of dedication on holiday might just be my biggest regret.

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