Thursday, 19 March 2009

All set for my triathlon debut

MANSFIELD watch out, Roden is ready for the big debut.

August’s London Triathlon still might be a while yet but after all this training, I am itching to get going.

So much so I have entered the Mansfield sprint triathlon on Sunday April 5.

It is no way near as long as what I will face in London as this will be a 400m swim, 14.5k bike ride and 5k run.

But for a novice like me, it is still a massive challenge.

I am sure there will be seasoned sprint triathletes in action, battling it out to be crowned number one.

I’ll leave it to them. I am not setting no targets, no times to meet.

But the practice of transitions and what it will be like on race day will be invaluable come the main event in London.

And I am looking forward to it. Not that it will be much fun until it is over, it will be sheer pain.
Only last weekend I did 40 lengths in the pool followed by a 45-minute spinning class and then straight out for a 3.5m run.

The result - a tired Roden.

I had been warned to get used to these “brick” sessions, doing two disciplines back-to-back so create what it will like on race day.

But after a punishing spinning class, my legs felt like they belonged to somebody else on the run.
I could not feel them, they were dead weights. I was almost dragging them round and struggling to pick my feet up.

But at least it will not come as a surprise when I take to the start line on the first Sunday in April.

And I have a few more pencilled in between now and London which might involve a few targets to meet.

But after weeks of training, I’ll find out where I am in my preparations after this first race out in Mansfield.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I prove I am somewhere on the right track and not totally out of my depth!

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