Monday, 6 April 2009

On course for London - barring no slip ups!

There I was, donning just a pair of cycling shorts, kissing the morning dew on the grass in the transition zone.

Welcome to the world of Triathlons, I thought.

But no sooner had I slipped on exiting the pool, I was on my bike and pedalling my way round the 14.5k stretch of the Mansfield Sprint Triathlon.

By the time I was felled in the transition zone, the nerves that had built up had been blown away after I had completed the 400m swim.

From that moment, I was intent on enjoying myself on a lovely sunny day but relaxing, I slipped bare footed during that first change over.

Luckily I jumped back up, managed to laugh at myself and I was away - uninjured (Seconds before the slip, middle right)

The hardest part had to the run (bottom right), after getting off my bike the legs felt like dead weights, hardly able to drag them off the floor.

And as I encountered a hill, I was wheezing as I tried to breath.

Knowing I was on the last 1k stretch, I dug in and completed it in one hour, four minutes and 48 seconds thanks to a few cheers from spectators around the start/finish who helped to keep everybody going.

I was delighted with that time for a first attempt.

And in completing the course, I realised there were only three minor things I had to improve on to get ready for the big one in London. Swimming, cycling and running!

I had trained up enough for this event but the swim in London will be 1,500m so I have some serious pool time to get in. And I need to cycle a further 25k and run another 5k.

But, Mansfield proved to me it is not impossible.

Already I am weighing up another sprint triathlon on Sunday May 10 - Woodhall Spa or Grendon Lakes near Northampton?

I’ve got the bug, I’m stepping it up for London.

I just hope next time I can avoid any embarrassment and stay on my own two feet.

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