Thursday, 12 February 2009

Beer we go on way to London

I am an Evening Post sports reporter and set to compete in the London Triathlon - a 1.5k swim, 40k cycle, 10k run - this August, and I will be sharing my experiences in the newspaper and in a weekly, online blog.

I am taking up the challenge to prove something to myself after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis back in 2004, just after my 24th birthday. And I am also doing it to raise money for Nottingham-based charity, When You Wish Upon A Star.

All this training is zapping the old energy levels, I really need to be replenishing the body with more than the average calorie intake.

So I did last night, I put plenty back into the system.

A good friend of mine popped round for a few beers to watch the England versus Spain match.
And boy did I enjoy them. More than the football.

It was the first time in six weeks I had succumbed to a few lagers during the actual week (weekends I have a little exception) but after all that exercise, I deserved a treat.

I was off work yesterday so I hit the gym for a couple of hours and then the local swimming pool. A good excuse to get out of doing any jobs the wife might have thought of leaving me to do.

But on the serious issue of body fuel, by trawling the internet, I am now starting to develop a proper diet plan to go hand in hand with the fitness regime I have got stuck into. Although beer is not officially part of it.

But after the best part of two weeks with the weather, it has virtually driven me to drink.
Snow, snow, more snow. And out in the Ashfield area where I live, it hasn’t shifted like in the city.

My road is still almost covered, snow turning to ice and the pavements are still treacherous courtesy of the freezing conditions.

So all plans to hit the streets on the bike or complete my road running went out of the window.
It was gym, gym and more gym. And there is only so long you can run on a treadmill. It is a lonely, boring place.

I have given myself a pat on the back for persevering in the gym, not using the weather as an excuse so early on in my fitness plan.

The conditions have not broken me as I bid to reach the London Triathlon in peak condition on Sunday August 2.

With the snow now showing signs of clearing, I can hit the great outdoors again.
There is no let up, I am back out pounding the streets tomorrow, get last night’s alcohol out of the system.

I’ll drink to that.
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